Success stories

Cost per lead £54
Find out how we've booked meetings with some of the UK's hottest e-com stores for Somebody Digital
914 engaged
61% open rate
24% response rate
136 leads
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Tobias la Cour

“Flowd have helped us win many major key accounts.”

Cost per lead £51
Find out how we delivered 22 leads in 20 days for SalesGenomics.
1300 engaged
61% open rate
9% response rate
70 leads
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Peter Chchocki
Business Partnerships Manager

"We signed up 3 clients in 1 month"

Cost per lead £66
Find out how we helped Flippa generate 60 meetings in 1 month.
404 engaged
66% open rate
75% response rate
201 leads
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Adam Everson
Sales Executive

"We have generated a large amount of new business from Flowd"

Cost per lead £175
Find out how we helped Consult PCR sign a client in 60 days.
581 engaged
60% open rate
20% response rate
50 leads
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Drew Himel
Founder & CEO

"We've been working with Flowd for just over 3 months, and have been very impressed with the quality of the leads delivered. We signed a high-value retainer within the first 60 days of our campaign."

Cost per lead £150
Find out how we helped Underground Ecom generate 80 leads in Q4 2021
818 engaged
50% open rate
20% response rate
80 leads
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Matt Young
Chief Revenue Officer

"We consistently receive 10 to 15 qualified sales meetings per month"

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