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3 Easy Ways to Verify Prospect Emails

3 Easy Ways to Verify Prospect Emails

What is email verification and why is it important?

When you’ve finished generating a list of your ideal prospects, it’s crucial that you verify the emails you’ve got. Why? Because if 50% of your emails are invalid, you’re wasting a crazy amount of time adding them to your funnels, researching them, generating personalized emails, and most importantly, you’re damaging your domain when you start sending emails out to them. How? Well, because if you repeatedly send campaigns that are hitting over the industry average of a 2% bounce rate, receiving ISPs will reduce your sendability and reputation, or worst case scenario, blacklist your domain, forcing you to create a new one, and start the warm-up process again from scratch. I’ll cover how to do this in a seperate blog, because unfortunately, it happens to the best of us sometimes. Now let’s cover how you can ensure this doesn’t happen.

The percentage of emails that will be invalid in a list of 1000 let’s say, depends on the industry, location, and data source you got them from, but we expect on average that 25-30% of email will be flagged as invalid. However, in some cases, we see upwards of 50-60% bad emails, in fast-paced industries where turnover rates are high (the prospect in your list no longer works at the company). We also tend to see high invalid rates with Linkedin Sales Navigator searches, due to old emails being used, accounts that have not been updated properly, and other factors.

  1. Verify your prospect emails with Neverbounce

Neverbounce is an easy to use email verification tool that for the most part, does a decent job of cleaning your lists. You can also choose which emails you’d like to export by category, here’s what that looks like.

You can choose if you want to export Accept All emails or not here. What is an Accept All email you ask? Well, according to Neverbounce themselves, it’s an address commonly used by small businesses to ensure a company receives all email sent to them regardless of typos. They are often valid email addresses, but cannot be verified. In our experience, it can be a gamble sending to these addresses, as if they turn out to be invalid, and therefore bounce, your domain health can be compromised, resulting in less deliverability, and worse case scenario, being blacklisted. If you trust that the rest of your list is of great quality (all valid email), you can probably get away with sending to these addresses without damaging your domain. Remember, you’re aiming for no more than a 4% bounce rate with your campaigns to avoid negative consequences.

  1. Verify your prospect emails with GMASS

If you’re looking for a less advanced, free tool, then GMASS could be a good option. Unlike Neverbounce, GMASS email verifier is completely free to use. Upon navigating to the Email Verifier page on their site, you’ll be greeted with a box to input your emails into. Either copy and paste them from your prospect list, or type them in manually, and click ‘Find The Email Addresses’ Once all of the emails have been scanned through, you can click ‘Verify These Addresses’ at the bottom. You’ll then be able to see which are valid according to their system.

One issue you might encounter is how to put the valid emails back into your spreadsheet. Unfortunately this is a little trickier, and requires some manual work.You’ll have to go in and replace the rest of the contact details with the valid emails, and delete the invalid contacts. Alternatively, you could create a separate funnel for the contacts with invalid emails involving Linkedin, or calling, providing you have that information on the contact. I’ll cover this in more detail in a different blog. 

As for the reliability and accuracy of GMASS, I can’t really say. We don’t typically use it in our tech stack, but I know a few people who use it regularly and are happy with the results. We recommend that you use multiple tools to verify your prospects if possible.

  1. Verify your prospect emails with Snov

For our final option, we’ve got Snov. It’s important to mention that Snov’s email verifier is only a small part of what they offer, so it might not make sense to pay for credits just to use one feature. With that being said, Snov offer a powerful and reliable verification tool, which works great in our experience. But this comes with a cost to match – at $39 per month for 1000 credits, it’s significantly pricer than Neverbounce. If you have a huge prospect list, it might be worth going with another platform. However, if you want to utilise some of Snov’s other features, like their Email Address Finder, Zapier integrations, or Email Drip Campaigns, it could be a great investment. In our experience, their email finder is powerful, and works better than any other tool we’ve looked at for this. I’ll cover this in detail in another blog. 


I’ve tried to give you 3 options to verify your contact emails in this post, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. Neverbounce is a good all around platform for a good price, GMASS is a free option providing good results, but requires manual work to put the emails back into your prospect list, and Snov provides a great verification tool, but is pretty expensive and requires a monthly commitment. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – chris@flowd.co.uk

See you in the next post!

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